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August 2017

The New York Times recently published the following article Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance. I am excited about maintenance! As the steward of a school founded in Boston in 1880 and in Newton since 1926, I am deeply invested in the care of our historic campus.

Summer is filled with work to renew and maintain our buildings and campus. As I write, parts of the Chapel and the Towle building are clad in scaffolding as is the original gardener’s cottage. The quality of that long ago construction is a joy to behold as we give attention to the peaks and valleys of the roof, replace worn out copper and re-mortar bricks. A third well has been drilled to irrigate the lower campus.

The renovation of Room 40 for physical science classes is the signature project of this summer. Our Physics and Engineering classes attract significant numbers of girls. Our hope is to renovate all of the labs on the ground floor. (If you or your company would like to help please call me, I would love to show you the space).

The excellence of our science program at every level is seen in the superb performance of our girls in State and national science fairs and symposia. The girls are recognized for the high quality of their research. There is dramatic consistency, year after year, in the extraordinary number of 5’s earned in the Advanced Placement Chemistry and Calculus tests.

The fine work of our faculty and girls demands facilities of quality.

As usual, summer work includes refinished floors, gallons of fresh paint, reconfiguration of offices, locker rooms, etc.

All of this highlights our fidelity to this great institution, our gratitude for our history, and our obligation to take the steps to ensure the next 200 years.

May your August be peaceful.


Sister Barbara Rogers

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