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December 2017

Dear Parents,


Ye suffering and afflicted, open your hearts

to hope, for the Savior is about to be born.

                                                            - from the Advent Novena

Syria, Puerto Rico, Houston and Nigeria are a few of the world situations which cry out to heaven for consolation.  Awareness of and response to the needs of our broken world is a serious call to all believers.

Here at the School, our service opportunities during Advent offer a response to calls for help.  Works of mercy are essential to the life of faith.  Through our participation in wrapping toys for St. Patrick’s Parish in Lawrence, volunteering at Christmas in the City, and collecting food and gifts for families at Harbor Point, we extend God’s compassion to those in need of hope.

These tangible activities are important, but they are not enough.  The mystery of the Incarnation which we contemplate during Advent challenges us to acknowledge our solidarity with the poor. Awareness of our own fragility moves us to dependence on God.  The need to open our hearts to hope acknowledges that the temptation to cynicism, self-satisfaction and despair is ever present.

It is in our experience of hardship and weakness that we begin to know our need of God.  When we witness someone in trouble, our capacity to reach out and help is informed by our own experience of weakness.  When our response to the suffering of others is there but for the grace of God go I we know our own need.

In these weeks of preparation for Christmas we are invited to reflect on the areas of our own lives where we need the healing presence of Jesus.

Let’s pray that during this Advent we renew our dependence on God.

Merry Christmas,

Sister Barbara Rogers

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