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February 2017

Dear Parents,

I will go to the altar of God

the God who gives joy to my youth.

                                                        Psalm 43:4


One of the delights of this year is observing all the good emerging from the completion of the Martin Center. It was obvious from August 25, the first day of try-outs for volleyball, soccer, crew, cross-country and field hockey.  The center of gravity moved down the hill that afternoon as the Upper School girls made the Martin Center theirs.


My office faces the Martin Center; I love watching the groups of Middle and Upper School girls race to classes in dance, wellness and religion during the day. Giggles, shrieks and chatter fill the air as they go and return in all weather, usually without coats.


Last week, I asked a group of Middle School girls how they liked having class at the Martin Center. We love it! The fresh air is great! It’s good for us! Do you think about wearing coats?  It’s not very far! We are fast!


Girls and their teachers love the classroom used for religion and wellness classes. It is so peaceful in that space! I wish we had those chairs everywhere! I feel better coming back up the hill!


Crowds of Upper School girls go down the hill to workout at the end of the day. Sign-ups for classes in spinning, yoga and TRX are available through Google docs. All girls using the equipment are trained by Ms. Caroline Earle, the Fitness Director. Some choose to follow a training plan created with Ms. Earle who learns each girl’s personal goals.


The TRX system is in full use and the erg room is available for crew and Upper School girls. Dance team is a winter sport making good use of the dance studio.


As one senior noted, None of my friends at other independent schools can believe that all of us get to use the fitness room and that the trainer gives us classes. At their schools everything is for the varsity teams.


Bringing squash to the campus (the team was at  B.U. for many years) and having two basketball/volleyball courts has shortened the day, allowing a third Middle School skills team time using the original gym. More girls are participating and they are getting home earlier.


For parents, it is simpler to park and to come here to watch squash matches. Families welcome the convenience and comfort of viewing Middle and Upper School basketball games, sometimes concurrently.


All of our girls are directly benefiting from this wonderful building.  hey are stronger, better trained and more confident, energetic and joyful. How better to give glory to God, than the full development of the bodies, hearts and minds He gives us!


Thank you to all our benefactors who responded with great generosity to this need.


Sister Barbara Rogers

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