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September 2017


In 1880 a Convent had been opened in the historic center of American culture, Boston, where, according to the Foundress, “the work of the Religious is facilitated by the Bostonians’ innate love of study and ambition to excel in things intellectual… Devotion to the Sacred Heart is striking deep root and working transformation in these young people…”
                                                                                                Second Sowing
Margaret Williams, RSCJ (1942)

Right from the beginning, our school has recognized that the route to excellence is the combination of a lively intellectual life and a desire to draw the hearts of our girls toward God. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a way of understanding the full personhood of Jesus Christ. This devotion to the Sacred Heart has at its root a love for the heart of each child. That devotion calls each of us to view one another as a sacred heart, a full person who is created by God for a purpose.

The work of our school, the daily task of the adults in our school community, is to come to know each of the girls entrusted to our care. Our knowledge of them allows us to draw out from them their innate goodness. Viewing each child as called to a noble purpose fosters in the adult community a marvelous sense of responsibility and awe. Each class, each activity, each interaction is designed to foster the full personhood of each girl. What a holy task it is!

Inspired by two centuries of Sacred Heart education in the United States, and 137 years here in Boston, this work is endlessly demanding and engaging. Rooted in grace, our work is always fidelity to this mission, creating an atmosphere in which our girls experience God’s love. The power that fuels the “ambition to excel in things intellectual…” and assures “that devotion to the Sacred Heart is striking deep root…” necessarily creates a community that is self-critical and passionate about re-imagining and reviewing how we can improve. This year is the perfect one for us to focus on Goal IV, “The building of community as a Christian value.” Ambitious as we are to excel in wisdom and grace, we need the encouragement, challenge, and example of one another to be faithful to our history.

I invite you to join with us in building up our school community and in prayer that God will continue to grace this great school. I can’t wait to see you all.


Sister Barbara Rogers

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