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Middle School

Art in the Middle School is an exploratory experience. For some it may be their first structured experience in an art class. The goal of these classes is the discovery and exploration of the creative energy inherent in each student. Through guided instruction, students will be exposed to the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Some of these elements and principles are: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Pattern, Movement and Balance. 

Projects may involve paint, drawing materials, printmaking, and working with traditional and non-traditional materials. Students will grow to appreciate the various creative solutions to these projects as they reflect on their own journey and the journeys of their classmates. These courses introduce students to problem-solving, self-discovery, and understanding the discipline and process of creating. Occasional exposure to art history, throughout the year, will place some projects in a historical context. Also, it will give students some insight, into the minds of others before them; who were solving some of the same problems of creation.

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