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Photography Students Bring New Perspective to the Martin Center

Girls in Introduction to Digital Photography created a photo-essay of the Kathleen R. Martin Wellness Center using abstract photography. O. Johnson ’17, I. Jordan ’18, C. Nunes ’18, E. Palmier ’18, and K. Westover ’18 shed new light on how the Newton Country Day School community views the latest addition to our campus.

The assignment asked the girls to address the aesthetic features of the facility; both interior and exterior. Taking to heart the inherent design features of this addition to our campus, a portrait of the center in abstracts titled The Martin Center: Aspects of Health and Fitness is now on display outside of the library.

“By presenting the Martin Center in abstracts rather than as a complete shot of the building, it encourages the students to focus their attention and cameras on various aspects of the facility while it is still relatively new,” said Photography Teacher and Chair of the Visual Arts Department Mr. Robert Murrell.

“When photographing the Martin Center I tried to find interesting perspectives that people do not normally see,” said Johnson. “We made it our goal to find reflections or patterns that are there every day, but in our fast-paced lives, we all tend to simply walk by or ignore.”

Students hope that through their photography, visitors of the Martin Center will look at the building as they did through their camera lenses and see beyond the basketball courts and fitness equipment.

“The assignment allowed me to look at the Martin Center with new found respect and appreciation for the hard work and dedication that was put into making the architecturally beautiful building,” commented Jordan.

View The Martin Center: Aspects of Health and Fitness photos here.


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