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Junior Wins General Assembly Award at Harvard Model UN Conference

Nineteen members of Newton Country Day School’s Model United Nations committee served as delegates at the Harvard Model United Nations Conference (HMUN) January 26-29. Celebrating its 64th session, this four-day UN simulation asks delegates to examine complex global issues and present creative problem-solving perspectives to bring issues to resolution. The conference brought a record 3,300 student delegates and 500 faculty advisors from high schools around the world.

At the conference, C. Brown ’18 became the first delegate from Newton Country Day to win a major award on a large General Assembly committee. Conference leaders presented Brown with an Honorable Mention Award (third place) for the World Conference on Women. This award is the 44th won by Sacred Heart students and faculty at Model UN conferences since 2007.

“My first time at Harvard Model UN was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had,” said Brown. “My main task was to ask every delegate what they were thinking. Every voice was different, and I was in charge of making sure it was heard throughout our paper. I told everyone that their ideas mattered, and that some of the smallest countries can have the biggest voices. Delegates told me how their confidence grew after I sent them a note saying how well they were doing. That little piece of recognition really resonated with people.”

Representing Japan, Brown finished third on her committee of approximately 200 student delegates from all over the world. The World Conference on Women examined the legality of the global sex industry and the position of women in government and debated the former topic during the conference.

“One of my major goals was to meet as many people as possible and talk to everyone that I could,” Brown continued. “The chair saw me as a different type of delegate who wanted to work with others instead of being focused only on the writing aspect. I didn’t want to become a different delegate than who I was to win an award, and still being able to receive one was an incredible achievement for me.”

Former Newton Country Day Model UN co-chair, and current Harvard University student, Catherine Brennan ’13 was the HMUN Under-Secretary-General for Administration. Third in command under only the Secretary-General and Director-General, Brennan was the highest ranking woman on the Secretariat.

Crisis Committees

Model UN co-chair C. Murphy Racette ’18 was selected to a coveted special application committee, for which students compete for positions against delegates from highly competitive schools. Murphy Racette was chosen to represent Nie Rongzhen, Commander in Chief of the Northern China Military Region, on the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China; a historical Crisis Committee set in the year 1966. G. Stillwell ’17 and Model UN co-chair I. Neckermann ’17 represented Japan on the most important committee at the conference, the United Nations Security Council. Newton Country Day was one of only 15 schools assigned a delegation on the Security Council, which has 15 member nations.
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and General Assembly
Sixteen student delegates from Newton represented Japan in the ECOSOC and in the General Assembly. The following girls debated the following topics:

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Race/Ethnicity Relations)
M. Freeman ’18

United Nations Development Programme (Effects of Industry on Biodiversity)
L. Jrolf ’20

World Bank (Privatization of Healthcare in Developing Nations)
J. Page ’17

World Trade Organization (Currency Manipulation, Agriculture, and Intellectual Property and Technology)
M. Dowdle ’19

General Assembly
Disarmament and International Security (Military Intervention in Transnational Conflict)
N. Canavan ’17 and M. Ward ’17

Environment Assembly (Geopolitics of Alternative Oil Sources)
J. Dubuque ’19 and C. Labow ‘20

Legal Committee (Law of the Sea and Ocean Resource Distribution)
E. Durbin ’20

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Mental Health in Crisis Zones)
M. Blake ’17 and L. Fitzgerald ’17

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Colonization of Outer Space)
K. Chapple ’18 and P. Gildea ’18

Special Session on Terrorism (Terrorist Recruitment in Developing Nations)
M. Mahoney ’17

World Health Organization (Combating Anti-Microbial Resistance)
C. Durbin ’17


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