Courage and Confidence since 1880

Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools

Independent yet united in spirit and purpose, the international community of Schools of the Sacred Heart believes in educating the whole child, and preparing her to live fully and wisely. At the core of the Sacred Heart education are the Five Goals, principles that express the intentions and hopes of our 200-year tradition.

Newton Country Day School's culture and identity are bound inextricably to the vision set forth in the Goals of Sacred Heart Schools. They awaken and spur our faith, intellect, social action, community building, and personal growth. Whether planning a community service project, tackling an academic challenge, or supporting one another, Newton students and faculty frame their choices and actions in accordance with the Five Goals. When faced with challenges, they give us the language and focus to understand and prevail.

During their years at Newton Country Day School, students measure their actions in the light of the Five Goals, until doing so becomes a habit of being. By the time our students graduate, these principles have become an internal well of wisdom and strength from which they draw throughout their lives.

“NCDS is special because of its goals and the confidence it teaches girls to have. I've learned to be unapologetic and courageous in my strengths and weaknesses, and it has helped me academically and socially.”CLARA Parsons '18