Courage and Confidence since 1880

Mission Statement

Newton Country Day educates young women to assume leadership positions.

Founded in 1880, Newton Country Day, a member of the international Network of Sacred Heart Schools, is an independent, college preparatory school for highly motivated girls who wish to pursue a serious course of study.

The curriculum offers a full range of courses through the Advanced Placement level in the arts, humanities, modern and classical languages, mathematics, religion and sciences, as well as a strong program in physical education, athletics and extracurricular activities. Newton Country Day students are expected to act with integrity, to learn to think critically, to communicate clearly, to deepen their intellectual curiosity and creativity, and to develop and apply scientific and technological knowledge and skill.

Through the Religious Studies curriculum, the encouragement of personal prayer and public worship, and a strong emphasis on ethics and community service, Newton Country Day fosters in its students’ reflection, a commitment to social action and a critical sensibility toward materialism. We affirm our commitment to be an actively anti-racist organization. Nurturing the student’s personal relationship with God and an understanding of the evolving tradition of the Catholic Church, the program also educates to a knowledge and appreciation of other expressions of religious belief.

In a society characterized by diversity, Newton Country Day commits itself to inspire in each student a desire to build just and enriching relationships. Newton Country Day seeks to be a community that embraces differences and celebrates the fundamental unity of the human family and the dignity of the human person. Both in the classroom and through programs in community service, students are educated to an awareness of economic, political, and social problems and are made aware of their responsibility to work for a more just and peaceful world.

Newton Country Day educates young women to assume leadership and to take initiative in the school and in the world. The School promotes the hope, zeal, compassion and commitment necessary to meet the challenges of a complex society. The entire educational program has as its end the formation of balanced and self-assured women who possess the courage and confidence to respond generously, competently, and responsibly to the demands of their lives and to the needs of the world.