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Agape Latte Brings Community Together in Faith
On Thursday, January 20, Newton Country Day hosted Agape Latte, a faith and storytelling series in which adults in the community share stories from their own experience of faith and spirituality.

Agape Latte was started by the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College. In November 2020, after taking part in an Agape Latte at Boston College, girls involved in Campus Ministry at NCDS brought the offering to Upper School students.

The inaugural event of this school year featured a talk by English teacher Ryan Murphy, and a performance of “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA, sung by M. Musto ’22, R. Simon ’22, L. Deal ’23, and S. He ’23.

“The goal of Agape Latte is to bring people together in faith and cultivate our community through storytelling about personal faith and spiritual journeys,” said Agape Latte co-heads E. Ascione ’22 and L. Hayes ’22. “This year, especially after many COVID-filled years, we wanted it to feel inviting and welcoming to everyone and were so happy with the turnout. We were also so excited to have Mr. Murphy as our guest speaker and deliver a powerful and love-filled talk.

“We think it is important for Agape to be at NCDS because it is a chance for everyone to see how faith can impact our everyday lives,” Ascione and Hayes continued. “It highlights that personal faith journey can be different.”

"It is powerful to see the students create an experience that so beautifully embodies Sacred Heart Goals I and IV," commented Agape Latte co-moderator and Religion teacher Erin Regan.

Proceeds from merchandise and food sales from the evening will be donated to Hearth, a non-profit organization in Boston dedicated to ending elderly homelessness.

“It was lovely to be able to gather as a community again, hear from Mr. Murphy, and raise money for such a great cause. We are excited for future Agape Lattes!” added Agape Latte co-moderator and Math teacher Katherine Tremarche.