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Art III Students Complete Metamorphosis Project
As an introduction to colored pencil rendering techniques, and drawing from printed reference material, students in Art III created a five-panel series depicting two unrelated objects morphing into each other.

When choosing their subjects, students considered how color can be an effective part of visual change and how background or environment can creatively be incorporated. They went through many colorful iterations of the project in order to refine each striking change.

Some of the final designs followed a theme, including a mask morphing into a laptop to address COVID-19 response, while others were purely visual and aesthetic, like a turtle turning into a pinecone.

"This assignment was a creative way to transform one object and scenery into another using your imagination to fill in the gaps,” one student shared. “I chose my subjects because of my love for the ocean and even included a specific lighthouse that I used to live near. This piece gave me new ideas as an artist by becoming the inspiration for new projects in the future."

Another student remarked, “I liked being able to use color in a different way. It was interesting to think in terms of changing what you already drew into something new."

View photos from the metamorphosis project by H. Coldren '22

View photos from the metamorphosis project by S. DeSisto '22