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Fall Athletic Awards and Wrap Up

The fall athletic season came to a close with two Varsity teams reaching the Eastern Independent League (EIL) tournament, two undefeated Middle School teams, and nearly perfect Junior Varsity records.

Upper School

Varsity Field Hockey
Overall: 8-5, EIL: 8-3
Varsity Field Hockey placed 3rd in the EIL. The team made it to the semi-finals of the EIL Tournament where they fell to Winsor.

Most Valuable Player: C. Fotiades ’20
Most Improved Player: C. Burns ’21
Coaches’ Award: A. Coburn ’20
EIL All-League: Dowdle, Fotiades, and C. Joyce ’22
EIL Honorable Mention: J. Bresnahan ’23 and Coburn
2020-21 Captains: J. Dowdle ’21 and E. Hoppe ’21

Varsity Soccer
Overall: 6-7-2, EIL: 5-3-2
Varsity Soccer placed 4th in the EIL. The team  made it to the semi-finals of the EIL Tournament where they fell to Pingree. 

Most Valuable Player: M. Burns ’20
Most Improved Player: M. O’Brien ’21
Coaches’ Award: S. Gaines ’20
EIL All-League: Burns, E. Durbin ’20, and J. March ’20
EIL Honorable Mention: G. Smith ’20 and M. Capplis ’20
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: March 
2020-21 Captains: K. Popeo ’21 and J. Marlow ’21

Most Valuable Athlete: K. Delaney ’20
Most Improved Rower: M. Haddad ’22
Coaches’ Award: G. Ryan ’20

Varsity Cross Country
Most Valuable Runner: A. Woolbert ’21
Most Improved Runner: A. Souza ’23
Coaches’ Award: J. Kwon ’20
EIL All-League: J. Cressotti '23, Kwon, Souza, and Woolbert
EIL Honorable Mention: K. Busby ’23 and M. de Luis ’21
All-New England: Souza and Woolbert
2020-21 Captains: A. Batten ’21 and Woolbert

Varsity Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: E. Naughton ’21
Most Improved Player: N. Coburn ’23
Coaches’ Award: R. Patterson ’21
EIL All-League: Naughton
EIL Honorable Mention: A. Folz ’22
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Naughton
2020-21 Captains: Naughton and S. Ryan ’21 

JV Field Hockey
Record: 12-1-1
Most Valuable Player: G. Freyermuth ’23
Most Improved Player: G. Connelly ’22
Coaches’ Award: B. Baker ’22

JV Soccer
Record: 11-1-1
Most Valuable: C. Kelley ’22
Most Improved Player: J. Sylvester ’20
Coaches’ Award: O. Miller ’21

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Record: 13-1
Most Valuable Player: T. Levine ’20
Most Improved Player: K. Worthington ’23
Coaches’ Award: J. Lesley ’22

Middle School

Cross Country
Cross Country had undefeated season with a record of 8-0, and won the Roxbury Latin Jamboree for the second consecutive year.

Most Valuable Player: N. Joyce ’25
Most Improved Player: N. Pearl ’24
Coaches’ Award: B. Bilezikian ’24

B Soccer
B Soccer had an undefeated season with a record of 8-0-2.

Most Valuable Player: L. Cantwell ’26
Most Improved Player: F. Coleman ’24
Coaches’ Award: S. Beaver ’25

A Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: T. Parsons ’24
Most Improved Player: E. McCann ’24
Coaches’ Award: G. Turco ’24

B Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: E. Kfoury ’25
Most Improved Player: L. Cooney ’26
Coaches’ Award: A. Spaulding ’25

A Soccer
Most Valuable Player: A. Guden ’24
Most Improved Player: L. Guden ’26
Coaches’ Award: C. Noonan ’24

B2 Soccer
Most Valuable Player: C. Grover ’25
Most Improved Player: E. Flaherty ’26
Coaches’ Award: E. Allen ’25

A Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: G. Hernandez ’24
Most Improved Player: I. Sawicka ’25
Coaches’ Award: S. Herrmann ’24

B Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: C. Jansen-Sanchez ’24
Most Improved Player: N. Obenshain ’26
Coaches’ Award: K. Abdallah ’24

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