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Fall Athletic Season Culminates with Titles, Championships, and Players of the Year

Newton Country Day School wrapped another exciting fall athletic season with Field Hockey and Volleyball capturing league titles, Eastern Independent League (EIL) Tournament championships, and reaching the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Tournaments. NCDS also earned ten EIL All-League, six EIL Honorable Mentions, two EIL Players of the Year, and one EIL Coach of the Year. 

Upper School

Varsity Volleyball
EIL Regular Season and Tournament Champions
Overall Record: 18-3, EIL Record: 12-0

Varsity Volleyball finished the season as EIL League Champions and EIL Tournament Champions! In the EIL Tournament, they beat Winsor 3-1 and defeated Bancroft in the finals in 3 sets. Other highlights included beating Dana Hall 3-1 at our Homecoming and then defeating them again 3-2 at their Homecoming. The team was the #2 seed in the Class B New England Tournament, where they beat Lawrence Academy 3-1 in the quarterfinals, but fought a tough battle in their loss to Rivers.

Most Valuable Athlete: G. Hernandez '24
Most Improved Athlete: T. Egwim '27
Coaches’ Award: K. Mitchell '27
Captains: E. Powderly '25 and L. Jordan '26
EIL All-League: E. Aslett '24, G. Hernandez '24, E. Powderly '25
EIL Honorable Mention: E. Dunphy '27 and T. Egwim '27
EIL Player of the Year: G. Hernandez '24

Varsity Field Hockey
EIL Regular Season and Tournament Champions
Overall Record: 12-2-4, EIL Record: 9-1-1

Varsity Field Hockey finished the season as EIL League Champions and EIL Tournament Champions! Highlights included tying Pingree in the regular season and then beating them to win the EIL Tournament, outscoring Dana Hall at both Homecomings 12-0, and beating Winsor twice (including in the EIL Tournament). The team scored 61 goals and only gave up 10 goals the entire season. As the #2 seed in the Class C New England Tournament, they suffered a loss to Pingree 1-0, meeting them for the second time in less than a week.

Most Valuable Athlete: E. McCann '24
Most Improved Athlete: L. Cooney '26
Coaches’ Award: C. McCarthy '24
Captains: L. Daly '25 and L. Pergola '25
EIL All-League: L. Cooney '26, E. McCann '24, C. McCarthy '24, L. Pergola '25
EIL Honorable Mention: G. Brucato '24 and E. Walsh '24
EIL Player of the Year: E. McCann '24
EIL Coach of the Year: Kimberly Southall

Varsity Soccer
Overall Record: 5-7-3, EIL Record: 5-4-2

Tough ties with Berwick and Winsor landed Varsity Soccer 5th out of 11 teams in the EIL. Highlights included league wins against LCA, Bancroft, Concord, Portsmouth Abbey, and Beaver. With a strong returning 12, the team is poised to make a run at the New England's next year.

Most Valuable Athlete: A. Tsanotelis '24
Most Improved Athlete: C. Egan '26
Coaches’ Award: T. Egan '24
Captains: A. Hennessey '25 and T. Santaniello '25
EIL All-League: A. Tsanotelis '24 and C. Riffe '24
EIL Honorable Mention: K. Mulka '26

Varsity Cross Country

Cross Country had a strong start to the season with wins against LCA, Concord, and Beaver in their first league meet and a 25-33 victory over Dana at Homecoming. The team continued the season with eight straight wins and were undefeated until they faced Winsor in late October. At the EIL championship race, four runners ran all-time personal bests, and four more ran their fastest races of the season.

Most Valuable Athlete: N. Joyce '25
Most Improved Athlete: C. Hauser '27
Coaches’ Award: M. Huber '25
Captains: N. Joyce '25  and J. Connolly '25
EIL All-League: N. Joyce '25
EIL Honorable Mention: S. Straub '24

Varsity Crew
The crew team had an entry into the Head of the Charles Regatta and placed higher than last year. Other fall season highlights were two wins against Winsor in a mid-season scrimmage and weekly lifts with Sarge where the entire team tapped into a new level of strength. The athletes trained and raced with great enthusiasm and are looking forward to competition in the Spring season.

Most Valuable Athlete: C. Anderson '24
Most Improved Athlete: S. Sidhom '27
Coaches’ Award: V. Floyd '24

JV Field Hockey
Record: 4-3-2

The JV team enjoyed a winning season, including exciting wins against Beaver twice (2-0 both times), Winsor 2-0, and Pingree 2-1, and a well-fought tie against Dexter, whose JV team only gave up 3 goals all season.

Most Valuable Athlete: K. Cedrone '26
Most Improved Athlete: C. Folan '27
Coaches’ Award: K. Mingle '26

JV Soccer
Record: 7-6-1

Throughout the Fall season, players were asked to step up, play new positions, and fill in for teammates called up to Varsity. The team worked hard to train and improve after tough losses against ISL opponents, splitting the series with Dana Hall and wrapping up the season with a 5-1 win against Winsor to secure their winning season record.

Most Valuable Athlete: J. Jane-Leonardis '27
Most Improved Athlete: L. Allen '27
Coaches’ Award: C. Hickey '27

JV Volleyball
Record: 9-6

JV Volleyball played strong, strategic volleyball all season. Some highlights included a hard-fought win in the third set 25-20 against Milton, and a win against Bancroft where they took the win in 2 sets and only missed 7 serves throughout the entire match.

Most Valuable Athlete: N. Andrade '11
Most Improved Athlete: K. Exantus '27
Coaches’ Award: M. Adyanthaya '25

Middle School

A Soccer
Most Valuable Player: A. Hennessey '28
Most Improved Player: A. Tantillo '28
Coaches' Award: D. Koenig '29

B1 Soccer
Most Valuable Player: J. Mingolelli '29
Most Improved Player: A. Terino '29
Coaches' Award: M. Papazian '29

B2 Soccer
Most Valuable Player: C. Figlioli '29
Most Improved Player: Z. Grimshaw '31
Coaches' Award: M. Borders '30

Cross Country
Most Valuable Player: E. Pierce '30
Most Improved Player: L. Sitt '28
Coaches' Award: E. Culleton '28

Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: B. Murphy '28
Most Improved Player: C. Mingle '28
Coaches' Award: E. Antonellis '28

A Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: E. Falahee '28
Most Improved Player: S. Dacey '29
Coaches' Award: M. Cavallo '28

B Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: A. Hopkins '28
Most Improved Player: M. Li '29
Coaches' Award: A. Dutt '29

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