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G. Hernandez ’24 Honored with STEM Fellowship
G. Hernandez ’24 was awarded the Hafize Gaye Erkan First Republic Fellowship. Hernandez is one of 10 ninth grade students in the first class of Erkan Fellows through the National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS).

The Hafize Gaye Erkan First Republic Fellowship Program fosters STEM education, leadership, and career paths for promising young women. Through a uniquely holistic approach, the Fellowship focuses on developing young women into lifelong learners and transformational leaders of character. In addition to receiving grants and STEM educational opportunities, Erkan Fellows will participate in a mentorship program that includes academic counselors, business professionals, and executive leaders. This year-round engagement program will include career development and educational activities.

“Hernandez worked tirelessly this year as she researched the potential impacts of mining in the deep sea for her Independent Research in Science project,” said Science Department Chair Rebecca Sen. “She was recognized for her hard work and sophisticated data analyses with an honorable mention at both the Regional and State Science and Engineering Fairs. She takes every opportunity to enrich her knowledge and experience in STEM fields, and she embodies Sacred Heart Goal II - a deep respect for intellectual values. We are absolutely thrilled that she has been awarded the Hafize Gaye Erkan First Republic Fellowship. Hernandez’s passion and talent for scientific research, her ability to ask unique scientific questions, and her commitment to excellence show us all that the future of scientific research is incredibly bright.”