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Grade 8 Girls Present Hope for Peace

Dancing in 12 different groups, each eighth grade girl was asked to reflect on areas in the world where earth and its inhabitants are in need. Each group was responsible for creating dances that portrayed the subject matter of their wide-ranging topics. The spirit of Goals I, III and IV were present as the process and product reflected the power of the Arts/Dance to bring about awareness and change, particularly social injustices.

In the summary of  their dance “123 Each Day,” J. Chow ’23, E. Dunne ’23, J. Li ’23, and J. Mulvey ’23, noted “Our dance portrays the serious consequences of cyberbullying through abstract movements and serious emotions. Through our dramatic movements, we show how the effects of cyberbullying can go unnoticed by everyone around the victim.”

For their synopsis of their dance titled “The Send,” H. Cavallo ’23, I. Leong ’23, G. Nicolazzo ’23, and A. Noonan ’23 wrote “Society has a great responsibility regarding what we send and post. How we choose to use social media is up to us.”

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