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Grade 8 Girls Put Their Engineering Skills on Display at the Car Egg-stravaganza
On Thursday, November 7, the Class of 2024 put its creativity and engineering knowledge to the test at the Car Egg-stravaganza exhibition. The annual event is the first major engineering project of the year and marks the end of the physical science unit on Motion and Forces.

In teams of two, three, or four, girls applied concepts from physical science to construct a car using limited materials. The car had to carry an uncooked egg as close to eight meters as it could while staying within a two meter lane and not allowing the egg to break.

Girls were permitted to manufacture materials other than the ones provided by using the 3D printer or laser cutter. Materials provided included a plastic bottle, a shoebox, four CDs, balloons, and an egg carton. Prior to making their vehicles, the students were asked to identify problems they anticipated facing, research scientific concepts that apply to the activity, and develop possible solutions.

At the exhibition, each team made a short presentation and PowerPoint showcasing the features of its car design. Groups then raced their cars in heats determined by results from previous trial runs.

1st Place: The group who performed the best during the official testing according to the score calculation formula: I. Adarme ’24, H. Mulligan ’24, E. McCann ’24

Most Creative: The group who has used the materials that they had access to the most creatively: S. Herrmann ’24, C. Jansen-Sanchez ’24, T. Parsons ’24

Most Improved: The group whose car had the largest increase in distance traveled from the testing day to the night of the race: E. Ansteth ’24, L. Doherty ’24, A. Guden ’24