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M. Kim ’28 Named a Winner in NASA Essay Contest
M. Kim ’28 was selected as one of the 45 winners of the NASA “Power to Explore Challenge,” a national essay competition for K-12 students featuring the enabling power of radioisotopes. Contestants were challenged to explore how NASA has powered some of its most famous missions across the solar system while sharing their own unique “super” powers.

The competition asked students to learn about Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS), a type of “nuclear battery,” that NASA uses to explore some of the most extreme destinations in our solar system and beyond. Students then wrote about one inspiring aspect of this space power system and about their own power to achieve future goals.

“The 6th grade science curriculum focuses on earth and space science,” explained Science teacher Camile Rodriguez ’07. “One of the foci of our learning journey features the space race with particular attention paid to the role of women in some of our greatest achievements. The ‘Power to Explore Challenge’ was an exciting opportunity for our students to learn about current space exploration endeavors and to highlight the quality that the students each embody that will help them achieve their lifelong goal.”

This inaugural contest received nearly 1,200 entries from 38 states, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Kim was 1 of only fifteen winners in the grades 5-8 category.

Kim’s winning essay “Embrace your Optimism” can be viewed here.