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Middle and Upper School Students Excel on the National Latin Exam
Twelve Upper School and 12 Middle School students were recognized for their performances on the National Latin Exam.

Upper School
Gold Medal (Summa Cum Laude)
S. Cole ’23
S. He ’23
E. Lesher ’22

Silver Medal (Maxima Cum Laude)
M. Gavin ’24
A. Rauseo ’23
R. Simen ’22

Magna Cum Laude
E. Addona ’22
C. Ellis ’22
C. Kelley ’22

Cum Laude
J. Cressotti ’23
D. Duggan ’21
D. Woolbert ’23

Middle School
Summa Cum Laude
L. Melodia ’25

Maxima Cum Laude
L. DeMatteo ’25
E. Kfoury ’25
A. Goodman ’25
I. Song ’26

Magna Cum Laude
S. Brody ’25
E. Cressotti ’25
K. Mingle ’26
A. Winchenbaugh ’26

Cum Laude
G. Bogart ’25
L. Jordan ’26
C. Walters ’26