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Spring Athletic Season Wraps Up with Awards and Accolades

Newton Country Day’s spring athletic season wrapped up with a celebration of teams and individual achievements, including an EIL Championship, an EIL Player of the Year, and Mr. Evan Adair recognized as EIL Coach of the Year for Softball, as well as six EIL All-League recognitions, four EIL Honorable Mentions, five All-NEPSAC recognitions, and six NEPSAC Honorable Mentions.

NCDS SuperFan Award Winners


The NCDS SuperFan Award was established this year and is awarded to a student who is seen attending a variety of school events and increasing fan involvement through leadership, sportsmanship, and sheer spirit for the Blue and Silver. This season’s award winners are C. McCarthy ‘24 and C. White ‘24. And the first-ever Faculty SuperFan Award goes to Mr. Ryan Murphy!

Upper School

Varsity Softball
Varsity Softball finished 8-2 overall and came in first place in the EIL. An early season highlight was a comeback win against reigning EIL champion Portsmouth Abbey. Another highlight was how the team closed out the season. After a difficult defeat, the team needed to win the final two games to have a chance at the league title. They defeated Pingree 12-0, and then started the second game against Beaver down 0-5 and scored 10 unanswered runs to seal the comeback victory and win the league championship.

Most Valuable Athlete: S. Brody '25
Most Improved Athlete: N. Andrade ‘25
Coaches’ Award: T. DeGeorge ‘25
EIL All-League: S. Brody ‘25, T. DeGeorge ‘25, L. Weigold ‘27, S. Zaphiris ‘27
EIL Honorable Mention: N. DeVito ‘27, E. Kfoury ‘25
All-NEPSAC: S. Brody ‘25, T. DeGeorge ‘25, N. DeVito ‘27
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: S. Zaphiris ‘27, L. Weigold ‘27, E. Kfoury ‘25
EIL Player of the year/All-Globe scholastic: S. Brody '25
EIL Coach of the Year: Evan Adair

Varsity Tennis
This season Varsity Tennis showed a lot of perseverance and resilience, vastly improving in wins of games, sets, and tie breaks. Some match highlights included a 3-2 win against Wheeler and a 5-0 win vs Gann Academy.

Most Valuable Athlete: M. Carroll ‘27
Most Improved Athlete: I. Martin ‘27
Coaches’ Award: S. Hajjar ‘24
EIL Honorable Mention: E. Powderly ‘25
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: A. Grover ‘25

JV Tennis
JV Tennis finished the season with an impressive winning record of 8 wins and 2 losses. The second loss 2-3 against Dana Hall was so close that it came down to the final point at deuce.

Most Valuable Athlete: C. Walters ‘26
Most Improved Athlete: M. Kwenda ‘26
Coaches’ Award: A. Touloukian ‘25

Varsity Crew
The experienced squad raced well against tough competition throughout our entire season, seeing some of the fastest crews in New England week after week. Two of our varsity boats qualified to progress to the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championship Regatta where they placed among the top boats in New England, placing 11th and 14th in their respective boat classes.

Most Valuable Athlete: K. Severino ‘24
Most Improved Athlete: A. Velutini ‘27
Coaches’ Award: E. Allen ‘25

Varsity Golf
Varsity Golf finished the season with a record of 5-0 with a diverse group of 18 girls, both old and new members, ranging from grades 9-12. The season ended with a 9th place finish at the 38th annual Pippy O' Connor tournament. 

Most Valuable Athlete: A. Winchenbaugh ‘26
Most Improved Athlete: T. Venanzi ‘26
Coaches’ Award: N. Grimes ‘24

Varsity Lacrosse
This season was expected to be a rebuilding season after losing 7 starting players last season. A few season highlights included a key overtime win against Concord Academy, playing through a hail and windstorm to beat Worcester Academy and ensure we went 500 on the season, and a hard-fought win against PA to secure a 5th EIL place finish with an overall EIL record of 5-4 and a game record of 6-6. Over the 12 games of the spring season, 9 players scored 159 goals and 76 saved shots on goal. The team forced 56 turnovers and controlled 130 draws. 

Most Valuable Athlete: E. McCann ‘24
Most Improved Athlete: M. Mulroy ‘25
Coaches’ Award: C. Riffe ‘24
EIL All-League: E. McCann ‘24, C. McCarthy ‘24
EIL Honorable Mention: M. Mulroy ‘25
All-NEPSAC: E. McCann ‘24, C. McCarthy ‘24
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: M. Mulroy ‘25, L. Pergola ‘25

JV Lacrosse
JV Lacrosse had a winning season with an 8-1 record. Highlights of the season included defeating Pingree 6-5 in a tight game after losing to them in the first game, a shutout victory against LCA, winning 13-0 with seven different players scoring, beating Dana Hall in a thrilling 10-9 win in a full team effort, and finishing  the season with a home field 6-5 win against Beaver.

Most Valuable Athlete: L. Wallace ‘27
Most Improved Athlete: C. Kavey ‘27
Coaches’ Award: C. Folan ‘27

Varsity Track
The first Varsity Track team in the history of Newton Country Day completed their first season this spring and set the first-ever NCDS school records. The team started with 13 interested athletes and ended with sprinters, long distance runners, hurdlers, and long jumpers. The team competed in 3 meets and improved greatly in all their events from week to week and from meet to meet, ending with multiple PRs at the EIL meet, where the 4x100m relay team placed 5th with a time of 55.77 and J. Jane-Leonardis ‘27 placed 3rd in the 400 with a time of 1:04.26.

Most Valuable Athlete: S. Straub ‘24
Most Improved Athlete: C. Hickey ‘27
Coaches’ Award: J. Jane-Leonardis ‘27

Varsity Sailing
For the second year in a row, our team partnered with Beaver Country Day to form a cooperative sailing team. This year, Newton Country Day featured two sailors: K. Ferraro ‘26 and G. Goodman ‘27. Both competed in the Mass Bay Championships, where Ferarro’s boat secured 11th place in the 420 A Fleet while Goodman's boat achieved 16th place in Mercury Gold Fleet.

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2024 Upper School Spring Sports Slideshow

Middle School

The Middle School Softball team finished the season 6-1-1, outscoring opponents 92-33, with 5 double-digit wins behind a steady pitching staff of 4 pitchers and 3 catchers. One highlight of the season was a win against LCA 13-2 with two scoreless innings by the pitching staff and a three-run home run hit over the fence!

Most Valuable Athlete: I. Goncalves ‘28
Most Improved Athlete: O. Davis ‘30
Coaches’ Award: K. McGrath ‘28

A Lacrosse
The Middle School A Lacrosse team went undefeated in an incredible and noteworthy season. The team outscored their opponents 92-44 and had notable wins against Winsor & BB&N. A season highlight was a 12-0 shutout (relatively unheard of in lacrosse) against Montrose. 

Most Valuable Athlete: E. Collins ‘28
Most Improved Athlete: E. Christian ‘30
Coaches’ Award: S. Young ‘28

B Lacrosse
After a rocky start to the season, the team broke a losing streak with an 8-6 win against BTA, followed by a 4 game winning streak which included beating Winsor 9-3. A season highlight was a comeback win in a rainy game against Dana, scoring 6 goals in the last five minutes. The team ended with a record of 5-5.

Most Valuable Athlete: A. Hennessey ‘28
Most Improved Athlete: B. Moore ‘29
Coaches’ Award: T. Lucibello ‘29

Middle School Tennis had a very competitive season with a 16 player core team and a skills team. The team showed versatility as they played both singles and doubles and played with new doubles partners.

Most Valuable Athlete: H. Grover ‘28
Most Improved Athlete: R. Chen ‘28
Coaches’ Award: B. Murphy ‘28

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MS Coaches' Awards

This year's undefeated MS A Lacrosse Team!

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