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Spring Season Wraps with Athletic Awards
Newton Country Day’s spring athletic season wrapped up with a celebration of teams and individual achievements.
Upper School
Varsity Softball:
Record: 7-5 EIL: 6-2
-The Varsity Softball team worked hard this year to learn the basics of technique and strategy while having fun and competing.
-The team finished 7-5 overall, losing to only 2 EIL teams and coming in at 3rd place in the league. There was defensive improvement and offensively the team held a .300 batting average.
-Extra inning win against Dexter Southfield, where every player on the team contributed to the win. Exciting 2-1 win over Lexington Christian Academy on Senior Day.
-This team showed tremendous improvement and will be ready to win the league next year.
Most Valuable Athlete: S. Brody '25
Most Improved Athlete: M. Huber '25
Coaches’ Award: E. Dunne '23
EIL All-League: S. Brody '25, N. Coburn '23
EIL Honorable Mention: T. DeGeorge '25, E. Dunne ‘23
All-NEPSAC: S. Brody ‘25 All-NEPSAC
Honorable Mention: N. Coburn ‘23
2023-24 Captains: S. Brody ‘25, E. Kfoury ‘25
Varsity Tennis:
-The Varsity Tennis team had nine new players, three returning players, and a new coach this season.
-The team had a 3-2 win against Dexter Southfield where K. Gund ‘23 won a tiebreaker to help the team to victory.
-Another highlight was a 4-1 victory over Beaver Country Day on Senior Day.
-The #1 double team, A. Grover ‘25 and V. Hauser ‘23, had a winning record of 7-1 this season.
-In exhibition matches, L. Carroll ‘26 had a winning record of 6-3 and A. McKeon ‘25 had a winning record of 4-1.
Most Valuable Athlete: E. Hall ‘23
Most Improved Athlete: F. Jobson ‘25
Coaches’ Award: A. Noonan ‘23
EIL All-League: A. Grover ‘25, V. Hauser ‘23
EIL Honorable Mention: F. Jobson ‘25
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: V. Hauser ‘23
2023-24 Captains: S. Hajjar ‘24, E. Powderly ‘25
Varsity Crew:
-Early in the season, the experienced squad raced well against tough competitors, racing alongside some of the fastest crews in New England.
-The team improved physically, technically, and mentally throughout the season and proved themselves to be mature, focused competitors.
-Each boat finished with at least one regular season win this season, and all four Varsity boats qualified to progress to the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championship Regatta (NEIRA). At NEIRAs, all four boats placed between 11th and 16th place in their respective boat classes.
-The novice squad progressed quickly this year, with several athletes earning a seat in experienced racing boats. The coxswains worked hard to motivate and lead our Varsity boats through practices and races this season.
Most Valuable Athlete: E. McDougall ‘23
Most Improved Athlete: A. O’Brien ‘26
Coaches’ Award: S. Chow ‘23
2023-24 Captains: C. Anderson ‘24, E. Prucher ‘24
Varsity Golf:
-The Varsity Golf team consisted of 11 members across grades 9-12.
-The team played Portsmouth Abbey three times this season, finishing with a 1-1-1 record. Other EIL competitors were Pingree and Winsor, two competitive teams that we competed with multiple times.
-The season ended with the 37th annual Pippy O’Connor Independent School Girls’ Golf Classic where we had six athletes compete in the 9 hole round.
-A. Winchenbaugh ‘26 scored the lowest for Newton at the Pippy and came in 8th place overall.
Most Valuable Athlete: A. Cronin ‘23
Most Improved Athlete: N. Fondo ‘24
Coaches’ Award: E. Nero ‘23
2023-24 Captains: S. Herrmann ‘24, N. Grimes ‘24
Varsity Lacrosse:
Record: 9-4 EIL: 7-2
-The Varsity Lacrosse team finished the regular season seeded third and then beat Winsor 9-8 in the tournament to finish second in the EIL.
-Season highlights include a 17-6 win over Berwick, a competitive 12-16 game against Winsor, and a 2 point win over Dana Hall to secure the third place seed for the tournament.
-The team scored 207 goals with 4 players scoring 20 goals or more.
-Defense and goaltending were outstanding this season and the seasons success was truly a team effort.
Most Valuable Athlete: E. McCann ‘24
Most Improved Athlete: G. Grant ‘26
Coaches’ Award: A. Lynch ‘23
EIL All-League: E. McCann ‘24, A. Lynch ‘23, M. Westover ‘23
EIL Honorable Mention: J. Bresnahan ‘23, C. Morey ‘23
All-NEPSAC: A. Lynch ‘23, E. McCann ‘23
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: C. Morey ‘23, M. Westover ‘23
2023-24 Captains: E. Freyermuth ‘24, E. McCann ‘24
EIL Co-Coach of the Year: Alison Vander Vort
Varsity Sailing:
-This year the sailing team joined Beaver Country Day and had a cooperative team. Newton had one sailor on the team, K. Ferrero ‘26.
-The team placed second in the overall Mass Bay League C division.
-K. Ferrero ‘26 competed in both team regattas, and won the Division A at the Donald Greene Regatta in a fleet of 24 boats. She also finished off the season winning the Most Valuable Athlete award as a skipper.
Junior Varsity Lacrosse:
-JV Lacrosse started the season off strong with a 9-2 win against Austin Prep and a 9-2 win against EIL opponent Berwick with seven different goal scorers.
-The best played game of the season was against rival Dana Hall. The team played as a unit with great energy and skill, and the game ended as a 10-10 tie. Two players netted their first career goals.
Most Valuable Athlete: T. Santaniello ‘25
Most Improved Athlete: A. Busby ‘26
Coaches’ Award: T. Hamilton ‘26
Junior Varsity Tennis:
-The JV Tennis team ended their season with a record of 4-7.
-Against Berwick Academy, the team won 5-0, the top two doubles teams won 8-0, and our three singles each won 8-1.
-Throughout the season, the team’s 3 singles and 2 doubles played with incredible skill, strategy and sportsmanship.
Most Valuable Athlete: C. Fujimoto ‘25
Most Improved Athlete: S. Dearden ‘26
Coaches’ Award: M. Belliveau ‘26
Middle School
-The team celebrated an undefeated season for 4th season in a row. -Over the course of the season there were more than 51 innings pitched, 100 strikeouts, and 3 shutouts.
-They beat Fay 6-2 in a closely contested match highlighted by a bases-clearing double.
Most Valuable Athlete: S. Zaphiris ‘27
Most Improved Athlete: A. Hennessey ‘28
Coaches’ Award: M. Condlin ‘28
A Lacrosse:
-The team finished the season with a 9-2 record.
-During the season every player on the team scored a goal.
-They captured an exciting win against Winsor in a close game. The final score was 8-7.
Most Valuable Athlete: M. Evarts ‘27
Most Improved Athlete: J. Jane-Leonardis ‘27
Coaches’ Award: C. Folan ‘27
B Lacrosse:
-Lacrosse B finished their season with a record of 2-7-2.
-The team, with a roster of several first-time players, showed great enthusiasm and spirit, and competed well all season. Many team members tried new positions, including goalie!
-They played Dexter Southfield twice, losing 16-1 in the first game but only 5-4 in the second game (a sign of team improvement).
-The last game of the season resulted in a 15-3 win over the Park School.
Most Valuable Athlete: L. Moninger ‘28
Most Improved Athlete: G. Brucato ‘30
Coaches’ Award: E. DeVito ‘28
-The final team record was 3-5.
-They held their own throughout the season with players showing real mental toughness, humility, sportsmanship, versatility, and tennis etiquette.
-Players improved their skills and had a great win against Rivers where several team members played in their very first game.
Most Valuable Athlete: K. Mitchell ‘27
Most Improved Athlete: K. Kennedy-Latham ‘28
Coaches’ Award: M. Gordon ‘27