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Stephanie Evans Peart '98 Virtually Visits AP Computer Science
On Wednesday, December 16, students in AP Computer Science met virtually with Stephanie Evans Peart ’98. Peart is a Director in IT for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies. As a Global Digital Business Technology Leader, she provides leadership, technology strategy, and direction for the on-going development of the J&J Medical Device Global Digital Strategy and Customer Experience.

After her exposure to computer science at NCDS, Peart earned a BS in Computer Science at Rutgers University. She then went on to Johnson & Johnson’s Information Management Leadership Program, where she participated in three eight-month rotations through each of the company’s sectors: Medical Devices, Consumer Health Products, and Pharmaceuticals. These rotations helped clarify for Peart her preference for finding ways to leverage digital technology to solve critical business problems. With the support of Johnson & Johnson, she went on to earn a MS in Management of Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from NYU Stern School of Business.

After describing her educational and professional journey, students had the opportunity to ask Peart questions about her career. She explained that while most of her experience is with Java, a majority of languages share a lot of the same concepts. Often programmers need to adapt their experience of using one language to another so that they can quickly gain a working knowledge of another language.

Peart noted that her favorite part of her job is working in teams with business partners to “get in there and solve problems,” as well as using technology to help the organization reach their business goals. She noted that her background in computer science, along with her people skills, allows her to explain to her business partners what and how the technology team is developing or remediating to meet the business needs.

Student questions eventually transitioned to favorite memories of Newton and traditions like Conge. Peart shared her great fondness for NCDS and how she feels lucky to have attended the school for eight years. “I loved the culture, the friendships, and the retreats. I hope that my daughter will attend a Sacred Heart School near us,” she said.

At the conclusion of our Peart’s visit she presented the students an offer. She is part of a recruiting team for Johnson & Johnson’s Technology summer internships and semester co-op program for college students. She noted that there are a lot more men applying for these programs than women and would like to see more women working in the field. Therefore, she urged our computer science students to reach out to her in a few years, as she would love to help them find internships, either at Johnson & Johnson or elsewhere. Peart’s offer is a true example of the benefit of a Sacred Heart connection.