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Students Participate in a Mock Midterm Election
On Tuesday, November 8, along with other Massachusetts voters, Middle and Upper School students “went to the polls” and participated in a mock midterm election sponsored by the History Department and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum’s National Student Mock Election.

Upper School girls had the opportunity to "vote" during lunch and W.I.N. periods for governor and on the four Massachusetts ballot questions. Middle School students also voted for governor, in addition to Ballot Question One during their morning assembly.

In the weeks leading up to the election a series of presentations in the Upper School, led by senior A.P. U.S. Government and Politics students, covered the gubernatorial candidates and the ballot questions. During an assembly earlier in the month, the Middle School History Department provided similar information.

“The wonderful thing about mock elections is that they give our students firsthand experience on the electoral process,” said History teacher Dr. Laura Baines-Walsh. “The girls grapple with the same real-world questions that adults face on election day when they cast their votes for candidates or ballot questions. It also helps to develop student interest in current issues and voting so that, ideally, NCDS alumnae are engaged citizens who take their right to vote seriously and never miss an election.”

The National Student Mock Election actively engages students in state and national campaigns to emphasize the importance of voting and the power of their ballots. The program aims to increase understanding of the voting process, promote a discussion of issues and candidates, and stimulate informed participation in the electoral process.