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Upper School Students Enchant Audiences with Anastasia: The Musical

On November 16, 17, and 18, Upper School students dazzled sold-out audiences with their production of Anastasia: The Musical in Newton Country Day's Sweeney-Husson Theatre. 

Anastasia: The Musical is based on the 1997 animated film of the same name and inspired by the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. The musical follows the journey of a young woman named Anya, who suffers from amnesia and embarks on a quest to discover her true identity. As she navigates through the post-revolutionary Russia of the 1920s, she is joined by two con men who aim to capitalize on her possible connection to the Romanov family. The musical weaves elements of history, romance, and adventure, incorporating memorable songs and captivating choreography to bring the story to life on stage. The narrative explores themes of self-discovery, love, and the impact of political upheaval on individuals. 

In a note from the program, Director Dr. Corey Everly shares: "On the surface, the premise of Anastasia might seem irrelevant to our current lives: a royal family, a lost princess, the Russian Revolution, and a relentless villain. However, Anya’s words at the end of Act One underscore three values which feel timeless: home, love, family. At its core, our show examines identity. Who do we say we are and who are we really? Through the characters in Anastasia we can examine our own daily lives, the roles we play, and can journey to the past to reunite with our most sincere, child-like selves. Only then can we reignite our spark for creativity, passion, inner truth, and joy."

"This tremendous cast has worked boldly and courageously to build community and strengthen their own understanding of home, love, and family. Through storytelling and acting, we can step into the shoes of another and explore the boundless, all-encompassing nature of the Five Sacred Heart Goals. Thank you for joining us and enjoy the show!"

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and everyone who made this production possible.

Anya / Princess Anastasia:  M. MacDougall '24
Dowager Empress Maria:  A. Unger '25
Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch:  E. Keefe '27
Dmitry:  V. Cooney '24
Vlad Popov:  G. Turco '24
Gleb Vaganov:  E. Allen '25
Tsarina Alexandra:  S. Arokiaraj '24
Count Ipolitov:  M. Hickey '24
Tsar Nicholas II:  E. Bourque '27
Young Anastasia:  C. Condon '27
Count Leopold:  A. Touloukian '25
Alexei Romanov:  S. Kario '26
Gorlinsky:  R. Pagliano '24
Sergei:  C. Cole-French '25
Count Gregory:  G. Montoute '25
Countess Gregory:  G. Goodman '27
Featured Ruffians:  C. Cole-French '25, S. Kario '26, G. Montoute '25, A. Touloukian '25
Romanov Spirits/Corps de Ballet:  E. Bourque '27, C. Condon '27, B. Gavin '26, A. Horgan '27, M. Pagliano '27, C. Wu '27
Aristocrats/Officers/Streetsweepers/Reporters:  M. Afework '27, K. Chaudhry '27, C. Culver '25, K. Spillane '27

Stage Manager:  F. Jobson '25
Assistant Stage Manager: A. Spalding '25
Dance Captain:  S. Arokiaraj '24
Assistant Director:  M. Hickey '24
Stage Crew:  M. Brogen '24, P. Bui '27, A. Hirsch '27, D. Zahos '25, S. Zaphiris '27, G. Zhang '26
Costume/Make Up Crew:  M. Balboni '24, A. Reddy '24, A. Velutini '27

Director/Music Director:  Corey Everly
Assistant Music Director:  Monique Byrnes
Choreography:  Leigh Lucey
Scenic/Lighting Design:  David Farreh
Lead Costume Design:  Emily Damron
Assistant Costume Design:  Jez Insalaco
Produced by:  Melissa Davenport P '29

Keyboard 1/Conductor:  Corey Everly  
Keyboard 2:  Monique Byrnes  
Reed 1:  Anne Kelton  
Reed 2:  Chris Kelton  
Horn:  Laura Crook Brisson  
Trombone:  Sam Hausman  
Violin 1:  Jackie Bensen  
Violin 2/Viola:  Marnen Laibow-Koser  
Cello:  Linda Hwang  
Bass:  Caleb Cutler  
Percussion:  Brian O'Neill  

The cast, crew, and directing team of Newton Country Day School's production of Anastasia: The Musical are very thankful for the support of:
Sister Barbara Rogers
Ms. Nicole Noel
Ms. Melissa Bleakney-Dalton
Ms. Katherine Spelman
Mr. Casey Young and the Facilities Dept.
FLIK Dining Services Team
Ms. Tina Lim
Ms. Laura Kelly
Ms. Kay McMahon
Ms. Kimberly Southall
Dr. Cara Cole
Ms. Maryanne Mignone
Ms. Brittany Borders '04
Mr. Brandon Green
The Families of our Cast and Crew

Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Pictures by special arrangement with Buena Vista Theatrical
From the play by Marcelle Maurette as adapted by Guy Bolton