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Winter Athletic Assemblies Celebrates Teams, Athletes for their Accomplishments
Newton Country Day’s winter athletic teams celebrated the conclusion of another exciting, competitive season.

Upper School
Varsity Basketball
Record: 8-7

-Third consecutive winning season
-Placed fourth in the Eastern Independent League (EIL), qualifying for the EIL Tournament for the second year in a row. Marks the second school appearance in the last 10 years.
-For the second year in a row defeated EIL opponents Portsmouth Abbey, Lexington Christian Academy, and Winsor twice each. In those three games they outscored their opponents by 20 points or more.
-The team showed true determination, heart, and grit after losing two games in a row. They did not stop putting the work in at practice and came back to beat the next two league opponents.

Most Valuable Athlete: J. Mulvey ’23
Most Improved Athlete: S. Tournet ’26
Coaches’ Award: K. Connolly ’23
EIL All-League: M. DeSisto ’25 and E. Nero ’23
EIL Honorable Mention: Mulvey 
2023-24 Captains: C. Riffe ’24 and A. Young ’24

Junior Varsity Basketball
Record: 7-4

-Coaches commented that the team of only 8 players, all in Grade 9, out-worked their competition, showing teams with much higher roster numbers that they weren't going to back down.
-Team demonstrated outstanding defense and hustle in a 2 point win against Winsor. They showed great passing against a 2-3 zone.
-The team showed incredible improvement from all members with ball-handling, shooting, rebounding, and understanding movement and spacing on the court.

Most Valuable Athlete: G. Grace ’26
Most Improved Athlete: C. Walters ’26
Coaches’ Award: K. Mulka ’26

Varsity Dance
-The team worked hard this season at improving their technique, expanding their movement vocabulary, and perfecting three challenging pieces of choreography.
-At the Believe Competition, their contemporary dance placed first and was invited to compete at the national competition this summer. Their jazz dance placed second and received an award for being one of the most entertaining dances.
-At the Spirit of Dance Awards Competition, their jazz dance placed first, their contemporary dance placed second, and their small group dance placed first in their category.
-The highlight of the season was performing at senior night of the Varsity Basketball game.

Most Valuable Dancer: V. Floyd ’24
Most Improved Dancer: C. Grover ’25
Coaches’ Award: S. He ’23
2023-24 Captains: Floyd and M. MacDougall ’24

Varsity Ice Hockey
Record: 10-8

-The Varsity Ice Hockey team had their first winning season in 12 years
-The team placed third in the EIL with three wins over Pingree and Winsor, and two wins over Beaver.
-Non-league highlights include wins over Greenwich Country Day School and Kents Hill. We also had two competitive games with ISL teams, the Middlesex School and Greenwich Academy - only losing each by one goal.

Most Valuable Athlete: C. McCarthy ’24
Most Improved Athlete: C. White ’24
Coaches’ Award: A. Hennessey ’23
EIL All-League: E. McCann and McCarthy
EIL Honorable Mention: Hennessey and E. Flaherty ’26
2023-24 Captains: McCarthy and E. Walsh ’24

Varsity Squash

-Varsity squash was composed of 11 players, four of which were new to the sport. This was a season of learning the fundamentals and improvement.
-Season highlights were wins against the Wheeler School and Brookline High School The team had a great performance at the New England Tournament, where our top seven players finished fourth in class E.
-Each player improved through hard work, match preparation, shot selection, positive attitude and sportsmanship

Most Valuable Athlete: A. Lynch ’23
Most Improved Athlete: E. Kfoury ’25
Coaches’ Award: H. Moriarty ’25
EIL Honorable Mention: Lynch
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Lynch
2023-24 Captains: O. Powers ’24 and A. Tsanotelis ’24

Middle School
A Basketball
Record: 16-6

-The team ended the season on a 10-game winning streak
-The players constantly demonstrated grit on the court and resilience even when they were down in games
-A highlight was the third time the team played Nobles. NCDS lost by 15 in the first game and by three in the second game. In the third meeting, MSA beat Nobles by 17

Most Valuable Player: N. Devito ’27
Most Improved Player: E. Antonellis ’28
Coaches’ Award: E. Koenig ’27

B1 Basketball
Record: 10-3

-The team played five games where the score was a difference of four points
-The coaches are proud of everyone on the team

Most Valuable Player: L. Brown ’27
Most Improved Player: C. Smith-Farrell ’29
Coaches’ Award: R. Montague ’29

B2 Basketball

-Each player improved their ability to shoot, pass, dribble, and rebound
-The highest-scoring game of the season was against Meadowbrook with a final score of 24 - 16
-The coaches are most proud of the team’s ability to stay positive, laugh, and support each other

Most Valuable Player: H. Grover ’28
Most Improved Player: E. Christian 30
Coaches’ Award: E. Bonnefoy ’28

Ice Hockey
Record: 6-5-1

-There were a lot of team members who were new to the sport, but everyone welcomed each other and created an encouraging and welcoming environment -That team spirit was especially evident at the last game of the season when they won 9-2
-The team persevered through challenging games where there were better skaters and rougher players, but managed to still rotate shifts effectively and give it their all
-Many players, including those new to the sport, scored goals

Most Valuable Player: S. Young ’28
Most Improved Player: G. Brucato ’30
Coaches’ Award: C. Folan ’27


-The team had two great wins against Dexter Southfield and Dedham Country Day School.
-Each athlete worked hard in practice, was excited to challenge each other in matches, and supported one another during each match.

Most Valuable Player: E. Christian ’27
Most Improved: A. Teamey ’28
Coaches’ Award: E. Allen ’29

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