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Winter Athletic Season Wraps Celebrating Teams, Athletes for their Accomplishments

Newton Country Day's winter athletic teams celebrated the conclusion of another exciting, competitive season, with the Varsity Ice Hockey team finishing second in the EIL and beating Berwick Academy in the EIL Tournament Semi-Finals. Four NCDS athletes received EIL All-League recognition and six athletes were given EIL Honorable Mentions. Gus Means was also recognized as EIL Coach of the Year for Varsity Ice Hockey. 

The NCDS SuperFan Award was established this Fall and is awarded to a student who is seen attending a variety of school events and increasing fan involvement through leadership, sportsmanship, and sheer spirit for the Blue and Silver. This season’s award winners are I. Adarme ‘24 and E. Prucher ‘24.

Upper School

Varsity Basketball
Record: 6-11

The team showed resilience, competitiveness, and spirit throughout the season. They challenged each other to get better everyday and grew together as a team. Some memorable wins this season were against Winsor and Wheeler - the latter being a come-from-behind win after being down double digits at halftime. 

Most Valuable Athlete: A. Young '24
Most Improved Athlete: J. Jane-Leonardis '27
Coaches’ Award: C. Riffe '24
Captains: M. DeSisto '25 and S. Ryan '26
EIL All-League: A. Young '24
EIL Honorable Mention: M. DeSisto '25

JV Basketball
Record: 11-3

This season the JV Basketball team showcased teamwork and intense team spirit. There were 11 games where 5 different players contributed to the score. In their last game against Dana Hall, 10 players scored. Their defense was ferocious, holding Wheeler and Portsmouth Abbey to only 10 points. 

Most Valuable Athlete: L. Barrett '27
Most Improved Athlete: H. Carey '27
Coaches’ Award: E. DeVito '27

Varsity Dance Team
The Varsity Dance Team - more than ever before - showed great resilience, flexibility, and support for each other in an amazing and unforgettable season. The team of 22, which is one of the largest dance teams ever at NCDS, worked hard at improving their technique, expanding their movement vocabulary, and perfecting two challenging dances. A highlight of the season was dancing at the Varsity Basketball halftime. The bleachers were packed with supporters–a gift for the team to be able to share their dancing with the community. 

Most Valuable Athlete: V. Floyd '24
Most Improved Athlete: M. Spencer '27
Coaches’ Award: F. Coleman '24
Captains: S. Beaver '25 and E. Schlichtmann '25

Varsity Ice Hockey
EIL Record: 4-2
Overall Record: 8-10

The season began with an impressive win at the NCDS Jamboree - the first time in 7 years. Other highlights from the season included a win over Kent’s Hill on senior night, taking the victory over Winsor on three separate occasions, and defeating Berwick in overtime to secure a second place spot in the EIL Tournament.

Most Valuable Athlete: C. McCarthy '24
Most Improved Athlete: C. Folan '27
Coaches’ Award: C. Toland '24
Captains: E. Monahan '25 and F. Colbert '25
EIL All-League: C. McCarthy '24 and E. Walsh '24
EIL Honorable Mention: M. Capplis '24 and E. McCann '24
EIL Coach of the Year: Gus Means

Varsity Squash
Record: 1-11

This year’s team brought an influx of new talent with nearly half of the players being newcomers. The multiple matches against Brookline played a significant role this season, with two challenging initial matches and a resounding victory for our last match. The NEPSAC Tournament showcased a significant upswing in our players' competitiveness, exhibiting determination, sportsmanship, and a willingness to push their limits. Every player, regardless of experience, contributed to the collective success of the team. 

Most Valuable Athlete: O. Powers '24
Most Improved Athlete: P. Bui '27
Coaches’ Award: L. Fiske '26
Captains: J. Hirsch '25 and F. Jobson '25
EIL All-League: O. Powers '24
EIL Honorable Mention: A. Tsanotelis '24

Upper School Most Valuable Athletes


Upper School Most Improved Athletes


Upper School Coaches' Awards


Upper School EIL All-League Awards


Middle School

A Basketball
Record: 14-8

The team had an impressive bounce-back season of resilience, starting with a record of 1-5 with overtime losses, narrow defeats, and coming back from score deficits, but finishing their last 16 games with a record of 13-3. At the NCDS tournament the team played Nobles, who had defeated them by 32 points two weeks before. They surprised Nobles with a one point victory in the first match up, and despite losing by 4 in the finals, fought until the end. In this season, each girl on the team grew their skills and played to their strengths while understanding how they each served a specific role on the team.

Most Valuable Player: F. Hajer '28
Most Improved Player: A. Bourque '29
Coaches' Award: A. Hennessey '28

B1 Basketball
Record: 7-6

In a great season, the team navigated some intense moments, winning three games by just 2 points. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed, especially in challenging matchups, were truly admirable. Witnessing the impressive growth of each player was a highlight. The team showed tremendous development and progress in their basketball skills. 

Most Valuable Player: T. Santaniello '28
Most Improved Player: C. Tierney '30
Coaches' Award: N. Trull '28

B2 Basketball
Record: 6-7

This season, the energetic B2 players learned to play every position, set screens, and improve their dribbling, passes, rebounds, layups and physicality. All of the players improved not only as basketball players, but also as teammates. 

Most Valuable Player: C. Stilwell '29
Most Improved Player: A. Dutt '29
Coaches' Award: G. Cincotti '29

Ice Hockey
Record: 7-4-2

The MS hockey team had a fantastic season, playing against top teams such as Nobles, BB&N, Rivers,Thayer, and Dexter Southfield. The highlight of the season was the team’s first home game against Dexter Southfield. Before the game the team took it upon themselves to hold a team prayer; those prayers were answered as they went out and beat Dexter 4-2 in what was the best game they played all season. 

Most Valuable Player: I. Goncalves '28
Most Improved Player: E. Cartin '29
Coaches' Award: C. Mingle '28

Record: 1-9

The team demonstrated commendable sportsmanship, dedication, and personal improvement. A unique highlight of the season was a match against Dexter Southfield. Many players were pushed to their athletic limits, resulting in several matches extending to 3 games. While they lost 3-4, the matches showcased skill development and resilience among team members.

Most Valuable Player: H. Fornes '28
Most Improved Player: D. Brzezinski '29
Coaches' Award: S. Weber '28

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