Courage and Confidence since 1880



My favorite NCDS experiences have been during service days. I love Christmas in the City and Pie in the Sky. I love serving others and getting to meet people in the Boston area. K. Erler '21

I like volunteering at The Casserly House because it is a great environment. All of the children clearly feel comfortable there and the staff is amazing! M. Elkins '19


“I am beyond grateful for my teachers. They truly care for you and want you to succeed. They are there for you in and out of the classroom. ”Clara Parsons '18

“The teachers find a way to adapt their lessons to different learning styles. They make sure we understand the information and so we can reach our full potential. ”O. McKeigue '19


My favorite tradition at NCDS are the retreats because they help us become more connected to each other. M. Yu-Phelps '21

My favorite tradition is a Blue Silver Induction because the community recognizes that you're new and are welcoming you. As a 9th grader, this was an important moment for me because I was inducted into the community by my senior role models. G. Del Real '19


“Everyone is always welcome and respects you for who you are. You can always say what you’re thinking in class and no one will judge you for your opinion. ”Y. Aweke '23

“The sense of community at NCDS is amazing. Every year, I get to know new girls and form new and unexpected relationships. ”J. March '20

Sacred Heart Goals

“I see Goal IV lived out in our school through the amazing friendships that have been made. I always see people looking out for one another. ”M. Dowdle ‘19


My favorite class is pre-calculus. Although I have struggled with math in the past, the open door office policy helps me receive help whenever I need it. The  teachers want us to succeed and will make time to help students. K. Bradshaw '19

My favorite class is Biology. Because the class size is small we get the chance to have all of our questions answered. S. Gidey '21