Courage and Confidence since 1880


The Sacred Heart education at Newton Country Day School shapes young women to become leaders who bring wisdom, integrity, and perspective to the world.

Newton girls immerse themselves in their studies with energy and focus. From the beginning of the day until the evening hours, our classrooms, hallways, labs, and library buzz with discussion, experiment, and learning. Students discover the power of ideas that have shaped civilization. They become skilled at articulating their thoughts when writing and speaking, and connecting them to the whole of their learning. Their curiosity is sparked and fueled with an intensive program of writing, reading, arts, and sciences that prepares them for the highest levels of academia.

With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, every student at Newton is able to be heard. Teachers participate as mentors in student activities, projects, and committees, in addition to their academic work, and come to understand each student as a whole person, with many strengths and interests. Knowing all our girls as well as we do, we are able to support each one in all their academic endeavors and achievements.

Social justice issues are studied at every level as part of the curriculum. In addition to a myriad of community service opportunities, Newton aspires to open student's eyes to the roots of injustice, and to commit themselves to service to others.

Newton integrates technology into the academic program. All students in grades 9-12 own laptop computers for use at home and in class.

“The student-teacher relationships at NCDS are very personal. Because of our small class sizes and one on one meetings, the teachers have genuine interest in your success in their class. They want you to do well, and they are willing to work with you to get you there.”Ginger Del Real ’19