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Girls and parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with members of the College Guidance Office. Students may also discuss their college selection process with their academic advisor, who serves as an additional resource.

The Internet has a plethora of resources. Start by visiting the college’s website. Read the school's newspaper, contact a faculty member with questions, find out when to visit the campus—the information online is almost limitless. In addition, the College Guidance Office has many resources on hand to assist students during the selection and application process.

Planning, especially for college, must be realistic. During the college research process, keep entrance requirements in mind. Read college catalogs carefully and make note of the specific requirements for those on the student's college list. One can discover important admissions information and statistics for each college through its Common Data Set, which can be found by Googling the college name and "Common Data Set." The results will include statistics related to enrollment, selectivity, and other useful information. This step can save a great deal of disappointment.

Recommended Resource Guides and Handbooks

The following general guides are available at local booksellers, e.g. Newtonville Books.
Barron's College Guide Books
How To Get Money For College
The College Finder
Fiske's Guide to the Colleges
Guide to Colleges with Learning Disability Programs
Book of Majors
The Insider's Guide to the Colleges
Peterson's Four-Year Colleges
Princeton Review Test Preparation Guides