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Visiting Colleges

When making an appointment for a college visit, students should keep the following in mind:

  1. Plan a time when NCDS is not in session.
  2. Request a definite date and time in her inquiry, and an alternate if the original time is unavailable.
  3. The school's Admission Office should be notified as soon as possible if the student will be late or will miss a scheduled appointment.
  4. It is recommended that the student visit while the college is in session so that she is able to talk not only with admissions officers, but also with students.
  5. One can get a good sense of the student body by eating in the college snack bar or dining hall. It is also a good idea to visit classes.
  6. Avoid a nonscheduled "drop in" to an admissions office. However, if an opportunity to visit a college at the last minute presents itself, the student should be courteous and understanding about what the admissions staff is able to accommodate. Sometimes the student may join a tour; rarely, the student may find that an interview time is available due to a cancellation. Nevertheless, "dropping in" is discouraged and is not a productive way to visit a college.
  7. If the student would like to see a coach or a faculty member in an area of interest, she should mention that when she calls. Colleges do their best to accommodate.

Timetable for College Visits

  1. Students begins visiting colleges during junior year.
  2. Students visit as many colleges as possible during the summer before senior year.
  3. Students return in the fall to those schools they were most interested in for a day of visiting classes, talking with students, and staying overnight, if possible.
  4. In order for the student to have the best choices of visit times, plan the visit 4-6 weeks ahead of time. Most visits are scheduled through the admissions department website. College interviews and tour spots fill up remarkably quickly.
  5. It is always nice to visit when a college is in session, but the demands of the senior fall term do not always make that practical or possible. A summer visit is generally more relaxed. Not only do students have more time, but the admissions staff often does, too. While overnight lodging and class visits are being offered at more and more colleges, not all do.

Questions To Ask During The Visit

Please download this document and bring it to college visits.

College Visit Summary

Soon after a student visits a college, (preferably the same day), she should write down her thoughts about the school to refer to later. Here is a document that will help organize her thoughts.

Questions That Students Are Often Asked

Download this list of questions that students are often asked at visits and interviews.