Courage and Confidence since 1880


Walk through our halls on any day and you will hear music, singing, and the tap of choreographed feet. You may pass a studio of painters focused on their easels and brushes and colors, or hear the words of Shakespeare from our theater. Performing or visual, the arts pervade Newton Country Day.

Creativity belongs to us all, and each has the potential to express our personal visions in the way that calls most clearly. Every Newton student is encouraged and challenged to develop a sense of self as a creative being, an appreciation of beauty, and an awareness of the communicating power of the arts. In this atmosphere, students' vision and voice flourish, spurring many toward advanced study; professional work; and a passion for dance, theater, music, and the fine arts.

The Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Music Departments offer a wide array of beginning to advanced courses, and all students practice the arts in these core programs. Studio Art courses guide students to apply design principles to the emotional content of their work. Dance courses increase self-awareness, musicality, coordination, spatial awareness, and cultural understanding. Choir, instrumental ensemble, dance, dramatic and musical productions, and formal concerts extend our experiential learning. Many of our artists, dancers, and musicians participate and excel in regional and national competitions and festivals.