Challenging girls to become women of 
intellect, character, innovation, action, and faith


Girl leapingA dancer is a rare and unusual person. She keeps her body healthy, strong, and quick. She is mindful of herself and others. She develops an understanding of non-verbal communication. She is a team player. She is sensitive and allows herself and others the vulnerability of expressing their feelings in movement. She is a disciplined, extraordinary listener and observer. She develops grace and beauty in her manner, and is a courageous risk taker in performance. It is a great privilege to be a dancer, but it takes time and effort to develop. The result is worth it.

Middle School

Girls study dance to develop and increase body and self-awareness, and express their creativity. All Middle School dance classes study Ballet Technique as their foundation, as well as learn and explore movement based in Folk, Liturgical, Modern, and Jazz dance genres. Dance is used to help students with coordination and spatial awareness. Community building and the understanding of different cultures are also benefits of the dance program. All Middle School dance students learn how to create, rehearse, and perform dances, as well as write about class experiences.

Upper School

Dance Technique (Elementary)

Students focus on developing technique across several dance genres, including ballet and modern dance styles. Strong emphasis will be placed on intelligent use of the body and developing strength, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. The year culminates with a performance piece for Hearthrobs, the spring dance concert.

Dance Workshop (Elementary/Intermediate)

In this course students continue to refine dance technique across several genres of dance. Students are also exposed to a sampling of choreographic styles through in-class performance projects and a year-end dance work for Hearthrobs, the spring dance concert.

Choreography (Intermediate)

Choreography challenges students to look into the strategies and compositional processes that choreographers use to generate ideas and create dances that convey meaning. Students play the role of both dancer and choreographer in a series of in-class projects that ultimately develop into pieces to present at Vespers, an Advent prayer service, and Hearthrobs, the spring dance concert.

Dance Repertory (Intermediate/Advanced)

While refining technical and performance skills, students are introduced to creative choreographic processes of specific choreographers. Students apply various choreographic theories to their own practice, and experience the process required to produce two major dance works, to be presented at Vespers, an Advent prayer service, and Hearthrobs, the spring dance concert.

Dance Collaborative (Advanced)

This class challenges technical, performance and choreographic skills at the highest level. Students dance as part of an ensemble, but also collaborate with their teacher and fellow students in the creation of two major dance works, which will be performed at Vespers, an Advent prayer service, and Hearthrobs, the spring dance concert.

Co-Curricular Dance

After-School Dance

Students who are particularly passionate about dance can further their training by taking additional technique classes after-school. Classes emphasize classical ballet and modern dance technique.

Liturgical Dance

The Liturgical Dance Committee prepares dances for Vespers and other masses throughout the year.

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