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intellect, character, innovation, action, and faith

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"Our team’s spirit and commitment, along with our dedicated coaches, were key motivators for me, and we accomplished so much together."

- K. Westover '18

"NCDS taught me how to manage my time between academics and athletics, how to be an effective leader, how to treat teammates well, and how to be a team player."

- E. Warner '17, BC '21
"The coaches always encourage us to be our best on and off the court."

-T. Mourmoutis '22

Fitness Program

Girls working out in Martin CenterAfter school group fitness classes are offered in the Martin Center for those upper school students not partaking in a season of sports. Team lifts are coordinated  with coaches each week and provide an in-season, sport-specific workout or mobility-focused stretch for each team. Our goal is to empower these young women to feel confident in the weight room all while learning new and exciting ways to stay healthy. 

All classes taught by:

Caroline Earle, Fitness Director & Strength Coach

NASM CPT, Certified Functional Strength Coach, AFAA Group Fitness, Schwinn Cycling, TRX Qualified 

Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Spin and Sculpt

This class is a mix of indoor cycling and high-intensity circuit strength training exercises; 25 minutes each. This will not only give you total body strength but increase your stamina and endurance. We’ll start on the bikes and move out onto the fitness floor.  


The TRX Suspension Trainer leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. From squats to lunges, pikes and pushups, this time-based workout is one of our most popular classes! Limited to 12 participants.

Cardio Bootcamp

This class will always be a surprise, utilizing different equipment and different movements to deliver a tough, comprehensive strength and cardio session!

Yoga with Ms.Hueber (Winter Only)

Vinyasa yoga aims to sequence movements with breath that promote flexibility and strength in the body. The class begins and ends with quieting breath work and various relaxation techniques. The middle portion of the class consists of more active movements that focus the mind and challenge the body. Each class is set to music and is appropriate for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Core Stability and Strength

This overall body sculpting routine emphasizes strengthening, stretching and balancing your muscles to improve everyday movement patterns.


This isn’t just a stretching class! Using foam rollers, bands, balls and breathing techniques, learn the proper ways to alleviate aches and pains while also preventing injury and reducing stress and tension.