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"Our team’s spirit and commitment, along with our dedicated coaches, were key motivators for me, and we accomplished so much together."

- K. Westover '18

"NCDS taught me how to manage my time between academics and athletics, how to be an effective leader, how to treat teammates well, and how to be a team player."

- E. Warner '17, BC '21
"The coaches always encourage us to be our best on and off the court."

-T. Mourmoutis '22

Middle School Athletic Team Policies

Middle School Athletes:
  • Understand that representing the school is an honor
  • Respect self and team
  • Appreciated teammates
  • Are serious students
  • Build community
  • Have a positive attitude towards teammates, opposing team, coaches, and referees
  • Are flexible
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Are team players
  • Encourage and support each other
  • Always exercise self-control


  • Students are expected to attend all practices and games.
  • Unexcused absences should rarely occur.
  • If an athlete needs to miss a game or practice, they must communicate directly with their coach.
  • If they cannot reach their coach, they may communicate with Mr. Ebling.
  • Practices and games should not be missed for academic reasons.
  • Make up assessments and homework must be completed at times to not conflict with team commitments. 
  • Missing practices and games will impact playing time in future games. 

Playing Time: 

  • All athletes will be afforded equal playing time in games throughout the season. 
  • Regular absences will directly affect playing time. 
  • Any discussions regarding playing time should occur between the athlete and their coach. 

Team Placement: 

  • Teams will be established based on skill, attitude, knowledge of the game, and effort in tryouts.
  • Athletes will be placed on the team that will best support them in their development of the necessary skills for the sport.