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Community Updates

From the Headmistress

Dear Parents, Alumnae, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of Newton Country Day,

Since 1800 the Society of the Sacred Heart has offered an education distinguished by its emphasis on providing each student with the experience of being loved by God. This experience comes with the expectation that students of the Sacred Heart will put this love of God into action in how they live their lives. For nearly two centuries the primary responsibility of implementing Saint Madeleine Sophie's vision was undertaken by the Religious of the Sacred Heart.

Beginning in the late 1970's, following the spirit of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, the Society of the Sacred Heart recognized the importance of collaboration in overseeing Sacred Heart Schools. In 1984 John Noonan P'86'91 ­became the first lay Chair of the Board of Trustees who was followed by Jack Joyce Px'87'91, Michael Ryan P'96, Kevin Phelan HA, P'94'96'98, Terry Carleton P'99, and Chris Kelly P'05'07'12'16. Chris joined the Board in 2006, and assumed the position of Chair in 2016. Having led the building of the Martin Center and shepherding the School through the challenges of COVID, Chris announced that he was stepping down. The School is grateful to Chris, and all current and former trustees, for their generous, dedicated and wise leadership. Succeeding Chris as Chair of the Board of Trustees is Maura T. Murphy '99.

Maura's election marks a watershed moment in the life of the school. Nominated by Trustee Ellen Harrington '77, seconded by Trustee Elizabeth Morey Blecharczyk '01, and ratified by the Board, Maura is the first alumna to Chair the Board.

A 2003 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, Maura received her MBA from Boston College. Maura is a Portfolio Manager at Liberty Mutual Investments, and is on the board of Catholic Charities.

May the school continue to be led by those who embrace the mission: to make known the love of the Heart of Jesus.


Sister Barbara Rogers