Challenging girls to become women of 
intellect, character, innovation, action, and faith

Extracurriculars and Committees

Newton Country Day offers many opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities. The following is a list of clubs and committees in the Upper School that enrich the life of the school.

A Cappella (Heartbeats)

Our a capella group, known as the “Heartbeats,” is made up of approximately 16 singers. Admission to the group is by audition. The group sings a variety of unaccompanied musical genres and performs twice a year at our Advent Vespers Liturgy and in April at the Festival of the Arts.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry brings religion and spirituality in an accessible way to the Upper School in order to connect our community through faith. The committee also coordinates weekly chapel services, liturgies, and retreats.

Cantilare (Middle School)

Cantilare is a select chorus open to students in Grades 7 and 8. Admission to the group is through audition. Cantilare is designed to improve vocal and choral technique through more demanding choral works of various styles. Pieces range from liturgical selections for school worship services to a cappella arrangements of contemporary composers.


The Chemistry Club is a charter of the American Chemical Society's Chem Club program. It provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Students participate in experimentation, get involved in community building, learn about careers in science, and better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives. Throughout the years, students have planned a variety of chemistry-focused activities beyond the weekly club experiments, including performing demonstrations for elementary and middle school students. and raising money to support clean water programs through the "Periodic Table of Cupcakes" bake sale at the annual Science and Engineering Fair.


Students learn about ancient Greek and Roman traditions. Each year, committee members participate in Classics Day at Holy Cross.

Committee of Games

The Committee of Games brings the entire school community together through healthy competitions and fun. They plan events which build community and school spirit including Congé - a surprise day when classes are canceled and students participate in fun group activities.

Danse Esprit

Danse Espirit's mission is to build community through creativity. A dance group that performs at school events throughout the year, the committee allows students to immerse themselves in dance through learning an assortment of dance styles including hip hop and ballet.

Drama (Middle and Upper School)

The Middle School performs one winter musical and a spring musical revue each year. Each year the Upper School stages a fall musical and a winter entry to the Massachusetts Drama Festival. Recent productions include Into the Woods and Little Women.

Economics Committee

The Economics Committee (Upper School) enables students to participate in the major economic events of our society through research, field trips and hands-on experience. Students study the workings of corporations and the stock market and create business plans for new products. Students operate The Nest: a bagel and drink stand. All profits benefit a charity chosen by the Committee.

En Pointe

En Pointe meets once a week for 50 minutes and is primarily designed for those previously trained in basic ballet to explore pointe technique. The committee performs twice during the academic year.


The Environmental Committee enables students to serve as leaders in the school community, promoting environmental action through awareness and conservation. Students organize environmentally themed field trips, manage the Upper School recycling initiative, gather and post current statistics and information concerning local and world events, and announce community events in which the school can participate. The Middle School has also started its own environmental action initiative through a Recycling Program.


Students in the Film Committee build their interest in film through discussion and collaborative film projects. Students also have opportunities to make their own films.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences is dedicated to learning about the application of sciences to the healthcare field through hands-on activities and creating awareness campaigns for the NCDS community.

Literary Magazine (The Medley)

The Medley, a collection of student-submitted poetry, fiction, sketches, and photographs, is published annually. The staff reads and discusses each submission and then makes their recommendations for publication. The magazine is a testament to the creative spirit alive in the school.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial gives girls the opportunity to learn about the legal system and court room procedures. Students learn how to examine and cross-examine witnesses, and make strong opening and closing statements. In preparation for trial, students exercise their debate, problem solving, listening and analytical and critical reasoning skills. Based on student interest, the team competes in the statewide Mock Trial competition, sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Model UN

Model UN affords students the opportunity to work on solutions to global problems and serve as delegates to conferences at which students from around the world simulate the workings of the actual United Nations. Members of the committee attend several conferences every year, and have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

Newspaper (The Heart)

The student-run Newspaper, The Heart, gives members a chance to write, edit and take photos.

The National Honor Society

Membership into the National Honor Society is based on each student's performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students are elected to the National Honor Society at the end of their junior or senior year.

Peer Education

Peer Education is a unique committee whose primary goal is to increase self-knowledge and educate peers about health issues that particularly impact the lives of adolescents today. The students review and critique health and science material and evaluate educational and entertainment media, social norms, pressures, and trends, in order to plan and implement educational programs. The committee has focused on issues such as alcohol abuse, eating disorders, nutrition, healthy and destructive relationships, smoking, mental health, and media influences. The committee organizes and conducts Middle and Upper School assemblies, creates posters, fliers, and brochures on these topics.

P.R.I.S.M. and G.S.A.

P.R.I.S.M. (People for a Racially Inclusive Society of Multiculturalism) foster an inclusive, safe, and open-minded environment in which everyone is encouraged to explore their identity. They encourage members to celebrate their cultural differences to learn more about themselves and each other.

Retreat Leadership (Middle and Upper School)

Retreat Leadership (Middle and Upper School) - From Grade 8 through senior year, students participate in a series of retreats, lead by student leaders and members of the faculty and staff.


The Robotics/STEM club takes a closer look at current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education topics. Members have the chance to participate in a robotics competition as well as a decoding competition.

Service, Justice, and Solidarity Committee

The committee raises awareness about social injustices faced by people in our community and around the world. Members are empowered to take action and make a change.


The mission of the Speech Committee is to provide students with opportunities to (1) develop skills in various types of public speaking (2) prepare for state-wide competitions. 

Student Government

The central purpose of Student Government (Middle and Upper School) is to help implement Goals IV and V of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education: Building Community as a Christian Value and Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom. Student Government provides visible structures for increased faculty-student communication within a framework that encourages mutual respect and confidence.

Yearbook (The Spire)

Students are involved in choosing pictures, page layouts, and ideas for the upcoming yearbook.