Challenging girls to become women of 
intellect, character, innovation, action, and faith

Middle School

Teacher working with studentAt Newton Country Day, students explore their academic and extracurricular interests while building lifelong friendships.

The Middle School program has dedicated space, designated faculty, and its own traditions and special events, yet students benefit from all the resources and facilities of a school that extends through Grade 12.


Homeroom is where Middle School girls begin and end their day. In the morning, attendance is taken and reminders are given about the daily schedule and any special events. Homeroom moderators welcome this opportunity to see the girls and speak to them informally, getting to know their personalities outside of the classroom. At the end of the day, moderators have another chance to talk to the girls, review the day, and give support when needed. The girls prepare for their afternoon activities, sharing their excitement and energy with classmates.


Assemblies are a crucial part of the Middle School experience. Each day, the Middle School community gathers for assembly. By uniting at least once a day, faculty and students can share information, activities, talents, and concerns with the entire community. Assembly is a grounding point in the day when we connect as an entire Middle School community.


TAG (Teachers and Girls) Team
The TAG team is a vehicle for introducing the 7th and 8th grade girls to the fundamentals of an advisory program. Groups have 7 to 9 students and are grade specific. Each group is assigned a faculty member and throughout the year they assemble for a wide range of activities, assemblies and discussions. From the team building activities in the fall, community service projects throughout the year, and our Peer Education program, the TAG teams create the small group experience for our girls.

Strong Circles/Big and Little Sisters
Every 5th, 6th, and 7th grade girl is assigned an 8th grade Big Sister. Ideally, sisters develop a relationship throughout the year in which the big sister offers guidance and answers questions. Big Sister/Little Sister groupings combine into a Strong Circle. These cross-grade groupings are valuable for the girls to get to know students in other grades. This provides both support and sharing for the younger girls while promoting leadership for the older girls. Throughout the year, Strong Circles participate in numerous activities such as goûter, trivia competitions, and special lunches.


In the Middle School, many of the activities that are clubs at other schools are built into the curriculum. Every Middle School girl takes dance - and performs. Students can learn an instrument and then play in the ensemble. All of the students sing, and there is also an audition-only group for girls in Grades 7 and 8 (Cantilare). Everyone participates in community service. Robotics and coding are part of the science curriculum, and so on. We hope that exposure to many different activities will help our Middle School girls discover and develop new interests and talents.

Middle School Clubs Include:
7/8 Instrumental Ensemble 
Outdoor Excitement
Student Government

Overnight Class Trips

Each class takes an overnight trip in May as a way to more deeply live Goal IV: the building of community as a Christian value. In Grades 5-7, girls travel to Camp Hazen in Chester, Conn. to engage in three days of team building, climbing, and group problem-solving. The Grade 8 trip to Washington, D.C. completes the year’s study of American History.