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Network Exchange

Newton Country Day belongs to a national and international network of schools. The Network of Sacred Heart Schools includes 24 schools across North America and 41 countries throughout the world. Learn more about the Network here.

The Network allows students to participate in a variety of programs including the opportunity to engage in a six-week reciprocal exchange. In recent years students from countries including Australia, Austria, Chile, England, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, and Taiwan have shared an exchange with our girls.


“I came back with the understanding that people around the world share similarities and experiences, despite living in completely different countries.” K. Gallagher '21, CHILE 


“You meet so many new people and you get to experience such amazing culture that your wouldn’t have otherwise. Barcelona holds a real special place in my heart, and I hope I can go back someday. ” J. Marlowe '21, BARCELONA 


“The Network Exchange was an amazing experience. Traveling to a new country by myself gave me a sense of independence. In Rome, I picked up a lot of the language and culture, and made a lot of new friends. I highly recommend taking part in the exchange.” Elizabeth Wiltshire '18, ITALY 


“Going on the Network Exchange allowed for me to immerse myself in another Sacred Heart environment with girls just like me. I got to see their culture and celebrate the uniqueness of our schools.”Samantha Trip '18, Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart