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Network Exchange FAQs

Who can apply to participate in the Network Exchange?

Upper School students in Grades 10-12 who are in good academic standing, demonstrate commitment to the community, and possess the maturity to represent the school in another city or country are eligible.

How do I apply for exchange?

Interested students should meet with Ms. Noel. 

Are all exchanges reciprocal?

Most are but occasionally a host student cannot make the commitment to travel to another school.

What is expected of the host student and her family?

We hope that our girls and their families show their visitors the same courtesy and hospitality that they hope to be extended during their visit. Students should not host someone if they know that they have a significant weekend or evening commitments during the visit. It is expected that our girls will maintain their academic and sport/art activities. We also hope that they plan their unscheduled time in a way that allows for their guest to explore Boston and its many opportunities.

How long is the exchange? When do students schedule their exchange?

Typically exchanges are 3-4 weeks. Most exchanges take place in March or June/July. We host students in October, November, January, February, March, and April. However, we recommend that Newton students travel in March in order to take advantage of Spring Vacation, or during the summer in the case of host schools that are in session in June, July, and August.

How many students participate each year?

Around 30 girls participate in exchange. This number grows each year.

Where can I visit on exchange?

Please visit our Network website for an idea of possible exchange locations.

What is the cost of exchange?

Families are responsible for travel costs to the city or country as well as spending money while there. While the exchange student visits NCDS, the host family may incur small expenses associated with experiencing Boston and its surroundings.

“Exchange was a wonderful opportunity to experience the Sacred Heart community in another country. My hostess and her family warmly welcomed me to Dublin and graciously introduced me to the Irish culture. I attended classes, rugby and field hockey games, and spent time with the Sacred Heart students and their families.”Kathleen Westover '18, Ireland